WordPress Plugin

Quote generator plugin allows clients,staff or both create a quote and/or schedule appointments on the web as well as see availability calendar in real time. Help different type of businesses manage their quotes, schedules, invoices, payment, processing, lead manager, online booking.

Once created, the form can be quickly deployed by placing its corresponding short code where you’d like the form to appear: in page, post, or widget area. The Order submitted via the forms are sent to the email address provided in the settings and a copy can be sent to the user who filled out the form.

Every update you make will be updated live. You can rapidly change details such as the schedule or prices and information will be updated live immediately.

Quote generator plus was meant to handle complexity that can be tailored to your needs.

Quote generator plus creates custom rules to handle any special situation, reduces the need for manual pricing management. Create a sales lead when your potential customer visit your website and start entering information into quote generator form.

Email the quote to your client right from your quote screen.

Total control speed and consistency. You can create and edit orders, invoices, book an appointments for service industry, complete the job and get paid.

Quote generator plugin will work on any mobile device. You can close the deal anytime, anywhere. Your shop is always with you.

Clients can quickly view your real time availability and self book their appointment and even pay online. Be in full control of your availability, 24/7. Block out any dates or hours set what times you’re available and only allow you to book appointments when you are available. You can set up your hours. For example, if you have lunch break from 1 pm to 2 pm and your regular hours from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm you can block out any hours. If you have more specific availability than regular hours , you can set up individual dates.

Finally you can also (optionally) connect the form to a Stripe payment.